Custom Donation Flow - Setting Up Pledges

GET '' will redirect to the pledge checkout flow

See EndPoint Key for information on posting the params to widget session if they are long. Same practice applies to the 'pledges/widget'

Single Product Params

Parameter Description Required
amount amount to charge donor (ie: "20") yes
item_ID unique identifier for source product (ie: "child_sponsorship") yes
item_title set name of product (ie: "Child Sponsorship") yes
max_times_donate max number of times the donation will run

(defaults to 1 if one time donation and is not set if recurring donation)

Pledge Specific Params

Parameter Description Required
pledge_summary_title By default, the checkout page has a header of "Pledge Summary".

The value you enter will replace the word "Pledge"
pledge_submission_title Change the text of the checkout page's submit button. By default it is set to "Submit Pledge" no