Organization Access (non-OAuth)

Obtain API keys to directly access an Organization account through the Organization’s Settings page in Kindful.

How to connect to the API directly through your Kindful Organization account. To be used by Kindful's Organization customers.

In the Settings of your Kindful Admin user account, you should see a "Custom Apps" section.
Please contact if it is not visible on your account.

If you are a third party app developer (Integrating Partner) looking to build an integration that is available to ALL Kindful customers, please view OAuth2 - Integrating Partner Access

Setting up an application

As a Kindful customer, you can create a private integrate with your Kindful account. First, you start by setting up a new application.

To set up a new application from within your own Kindful account you will need to:

  1. Navigate to "Custom Apps" in Settings; this will take you to the Applications page.
  2. Choose "Create a New Application".
  3. Enter the name for your application and (optionally) a description. This represents the system you want to integrate with Kindful. You will then arrive at the Manage Application Page for your newly created application.
  4. Choose "Generate Security Token".
  5. You will arrive at "Application Credentials" and see your LIVE account security token.


We recommend testing the integration in your Sandbox before sending data into your LIVE account.

  • On the Manage Application page, choose Go to Sandbox.
  • Once in your Sandbox, create a Sandbox-specific token to test your integration in the Sandbox (test) environment.
  • When you are finished testing the integration in Sandbox, go back to your live account to obtain the Live Account Token for live imports.

Add your token to the header in your request like below:

Authorization Headers

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Token token="<access_token>"

This is where you send your request.
Note that the Production (Live) URL is different from the Sandbox (Test) URL.