Localization & Language Support

Kindful has limited localization support on the standard (non-Cause) donation flow. This includes all web views and emailed transaction receipts.

Any user-generated content is the responsibility of the customer, including, but not limited to, the following: campaign names, descriptions, and custom messaging.

Supported Languages

en - English (United States) - Default
fr - France
de - Germany
ar - Arabic
it - Italian
es - Spanish
pt - Portugese
en-GB - English (Great Britain)

Changing Locale

Localization is currently a premium feature in Kindful. Contact our support team to have it enabled for your organization. Once enabled, your Organization (or Chapter) can set a default locale under Settings > General.

Organizations using localization have the option to always display a language selector in the footer of donation pages.

Locale From the User Perspective

The primary mechanism for changing locale is to pass it as a URL parameter to donation pages.

For example https://seaturtles.kindful.com/?locale=es

Note that user-generated content is provided as supplied, not translated. Also note that passing locale enables a language selector in the footer of the page. Using this selector will reload the current page with the chosen locale as a URL parameter.

Once passed in the URL, the locale persists in the user session.

The locale is set on every request with the following fallback order:

URL parameter > Session > Organization default locale > Kindful default (en)