The team here at Kindful has many collective years under our belts when it comes to consuming APIs and building integrations. We know firsthand the pain that can be associated with building and maintaining an integration (especially a two-way sync) between applications.

That’s why we’ve created developer tools and an API that are world-class. Because building an integration doesn’t have to suck.

Sometimes an integration is built, but the unrequited love of the partner app can make it difficult to get your app noticed by new prospects. We’ve all seen it. That’s why we’ve also developed a Partner Program and App Directory to help your hard work gain some traction. Here’s more on our program and tools.

Partner Program

We’re proud to partner with best-in-class technology services to bring all donordata together under one roof. We believe that modern nonprofit software should be open, connected, and operate in real time. And we’re not alone. Kindful has built an ecosystem of applications to provide functionality to our users and give exposure to our partners. Kindful’s App Directory allows our users to explore and connect to your best-in-class solutions.

Code for Kindness

Kindful recently launched Code for Kindness, an innovation fund with a philanthropic twist. We’re partnering with developers and software companies around the world to help nonprofits assemble technology solutions to increase their impact. And while we’re funding integrations, we’re funding charitable giving as well. Not only can you create really awesome tech, you can also give back to nonprofits along the way!

Open RESTful API

Yep, you heard us right... open. Unlike some other CRMs in the sector, we aren’t gating access to our API, limiting the functionality you have access to. We believe in the power of opening our API for amazing tech to be built by world-class developers. We’re also adding endpoints on a regular basis. One partner told us "[your API] is honestly some of the best donor relationship management docs I've seen so far." Take a look at our documentation to see what we currently offer, as well as a list of what we're working on.

oAuth2 Support

Kindful thrives off great user experiences. We want to allow our users to easily connect our respective applications, which is why we built, support, and promote oAuth2 functionality for our integration partners.

Two-Way Sync Linking Architecture

Unlike some other CRMs in the space, our API does the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your app data in sync with our application. Take a look at our documentation to see how we’re allowing you to use your application's IDs and linking calls so your app doesn’t have to ingest and use extra data to stay in sync.

1:1 Partner Support

At Kindful, we're committed to providing our developer partners with prompt 1:1 response when it comes to developer support. We know that you're taking time out of your business to work with us, and we don’t want to keep you waiting and guessing. One recent partner of ours remarked, “Kudos to you and your team...this is the type of customer service that helps win and retain business!!”

Partner Dashboard

Kindful has developed a featured Partner Dashboard that will allow developers to create and manage applications, generate API tokens, create and manage test accounts, manage the profile for your application as listed in the App Directory, view the Kindful customers connected to your application, and see individual API calls being made to and from your app by these customers. One partner who recently created an integration with Kindful in two-weeks time – from beginning to end – said, "My experience working with the Kindful API was seriously one of the best that I've worked with. The quality of documentation and breadth of API as well as the Partner Dashboard to manage and develop my application made getting listed and marketed in the Kindful app simple and fast!"

Interested in partnering with us? Please reach out and let’s start a conversation!